Top 20 Internet Users Countries in 2020 [updated]

Top Internet Users by country 2020

Dear , most welcome to my today very interesting blog post about internet Stats facts. in this article I will tell you and complete inform you about top 20 countries which have most internet users in 2020 [update]. I hope you will like to read this post till end.

First I am sharing a list of top countries that have many internet users in the world. this is interesting facts about internet users in 2020.

Countries Lists

After this list I will guide you complete stats of top countries about internet.And Monthly Active Internet Users in these countries.

Top Internet Users by country List 2020

  1. China
  2. India
  3. United State [USA]
  4. Indonesia
  5. Brazil
  6. Nigeria
  7. Japan
  8. Russia
  9. Bangladesh
  10. Mexico
  11. Germany
  12. Philippines
  13. Turkey
  14. Vietnam
  15. United Kingdom [UK]
  16. Iran
  17. France
  18. Thailand
  19. Italy
  20. Egypt
in this post I will explain only top 10 internet users countries.

1- Internet Users in China 2020

China Country has largest number of internet users in the world because china have largest population. There are 854,000,000 internet users in china in 2020. This is very largest numbers of internet users. In 2000, China had only 22,500,000 .Internet user growth is 3796% 2000 to 2020. so, China is ranking No.1 position in population and internet users in the world.China has 1439,000,000 population in 2020. Almost 60% of population use internet in 2020.

2- Internet Users in India 2020

India Country is ranking No.2 in the world in internet and also in population. India has 560,000,000 Internet Users . There are 1368,000,000 population in 2020. Almost 41% of population use internet in 2020. In fact , there was only 5,000,000 Internet Users in 2020. User growth is 11200% in 2000 to 2020.

3- Internet Users in United  State 2020

There are 313,000,000 Internet users in United State [USA] in 2020.
Total population of  [USA] is 331,000,000 . Almost 95% of population use internet. In facts , There was only 95,000,000 in 2020.

4- Internet Users in Indonesia 2020

There are 171,000,000 internet users in Indonesia in 2020. The population of Indonesia is 273,000,000 in 2020 . Almost 63% of Indonesia are using internet in 2020 but there was only 2,000,000.
the growth rate is 8560% in 2000 to 2020.
Top 20 Internet Users Countries in 2020
Top  20 Internet Users Countries in 2020

5- Internet Users in Brazil 2020

Brazil has 149,000,000 number of internet users in 2020. There was only 5,000,000 users in 2000. The growth rate is 2928% in 2000 to 2020. But there is 212,000,000 Population of brazil in 2020

6- Internet Users in Nigeria 2020

In Nigeria , There are 126,000,000 Internet User in 2020.The population of Nigeria is 206,000,000 . Almost 61% of population are using internet in Nigeria in 2020.In Facts, This country has highest percent of growth rate. In 2000 ,There was only 200,000 numbers of internet users in Nigeria. The growth rate is 63000% in 2000 to 2020.This is a big facts.

7- Internet Users in Japan 2020

Japan is ranking 7th position in the world in 2020. There are 118,000,000 people use internet. almost 90% of population use internet in Japan.

8- Internet Users in Russia 2020

there are 116,000,000 numbers of internet users in Russia. Almost 80% of population in Russia are using internet in 2020.

9- Internet Users in Bangladesh 2020

Bangladesh Country has  highest growth growth rate of internet users between 2000 to 2020. there are 94,000,000 persons are using internet in right now but there was only 500,000 internet user in 2000. almost 60% of population are using internet right now. In facts, The Growth rate is 94,000% between 2000 to 2020 year.

10- Internet Users in Mexico 2020

Mexico is ranking No.10 position in the world by internet users in 2020. There are 88,000,000 people are using internet in mexico country. The population of mexico is 271,000,000 in 2020.

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